Setting the Schedule

It’s all well and good just saying ‘one per week’, but what are the mechanics around how that works? In other words, what’s the schedule, and how will I make sure I stick with it?

The new year starts on a Tuesday, so that would be the literal choice of when to start things, but mid-week doesn’t make for a natural/memorable rotation point. Therefore, I shall instead every Monday morning randomly select a number and post about the corresponding task. Once the resolution has been met -or at the end of Sunday, whichever is sooner – I shall post a followup regarding how it went. Oh, and the observant amongst you will note that this means that the first resolution will actually start on the last day of 2012, but that’s part of the fun :)

As for how the resolutions will be enforced? Well, there are three options – rely on my own willpower, getting someone I know to chide/harangue me, or publicise this blog to the world and be accountable to the readers. Since none of them are reliable on their own (especially the willpower one!), I shall attempt to utilise all three – at least to some extent – in order to increase my likelihood of overall success.

Now I just need to finalise the list, and then we’ll be all set for Monday morning…

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