Finalising the List

After much thought and general head-scratching, I’ve finally settled on my list of resolutions. There are two things that’ll grab your attention as soon as you see it (well, three if you count the geeky way I’ve padded the 1-9 tasks with leading zeroes!):

  1. The resolutions have been grouped into categories.
  2. There are 57 of them!

The first should be fairly self-explanatory, as it makes reading the list much easier, plus it proves I’ve spread things out over the entire spectrum. As for the excessive number of them, I’m not (deliberately) honouring Heinz :) In fact, the extra tasks on the list allow for two things – it ensures that even in the closing weeks of the year I won’t know ahead of time what the final resolutions will be, and also it gives me a little wiggle room should a chosen task not be possible for whatever reason. However, since there are only 5 extras, I can’t abuse this padding in order to cherry pick the easy/”good” ones!

And so, the die is finally cast! The only thing holding me back now is the clock…

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