Building the List

In order to start this plan of 52 resolutions in 2013, I just need one thing – a list! But how should I come up with the list? And what sort of things should be on it? Good questions indeed…

The simplest thing here is to not reinvent the wheel, as the BecauseISaidIWould site conveniently lists the 52 that they’re using, which makes for both an excellent template and a source of ideas to “borrow” from. A few minutes of copy/paste and pondering relevance leaves me with 26 ideas from that list, and (completely coincidentally) 26 spaces to fill. Time to really start thinking!

So what shall be my criteria for inclusion on my list? The task obviously has to be something that can be completed within just one week, so no ‘become fluent in Albanian’ or ‘climb Mt Everest’-like ideas, and fit in with my work & social lives fairly easily (not to mention my finances!). However, on the flipside, the task still has to be at least slightly challenging, so no routine things like  ‘wash the dishes’ or ‘cook a pizza’ either.

The other thing about each task is that it should have some benefit, either to myself, or to others. I want to use these resolutions to try to improve my life and that of those around me, albeit perhaps in just small little ways, but I want to avoid the complacency of just doing nothing new or good.

Want the TL;DR version? OK, here’s a summary of my criteria:

  • Small enough to complete in a week (so either one weekend day or a few minutes per day across the entire week)
  • Must benefit either myself, or others (directly or indirectly) in some way
  • Outside of my normal routine

Time to put my thinking cap on!

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